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Another Abscessed Tooth!

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Consider a warm salt water rinse as well. Take care and God Bless.
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 in response to playaplaya3...   i;ve had plenty of abcessed teeth in my time,and Listerine works have to hold it in your mouth in the affected area until you just can't stand the burn anymore. repeat this every 45 mins.or so,until it comes to a massive head,and bursts.the relief is intense,and only costs a few $.has to be Listerine though-no generics because of the high alcohol level needed.hope this helps somebody suffer a little less.
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Hopesplace, I am sorry to hear that you, like many others, have been experiencing the same problem as I have, bad teeth. I am on disability so I cannot afford to pay for dental care and Medicare doesn't cover it. Most of my teeth are broken off at the gum line so I have deep holes, exposed nerves, and continuous abscesses, mostly due to an abusive husband from which I am now divorced.I too have gone to the clinic in severe pain, to be told that they have all the patients they will see for the day or that I can sit and wait til the end of the day (some 6 hours) on the chance that someone will see me. Over the years, I have learned one trick that tends to help with an abscess, Benadryl. It helps by drying the infection. Unfortunately it does nothing to save the tooth but when in severe pain it has helped me without fail.
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You can try the United Way for resources. call 211

                                     wishing the best,


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I used to do the same thing by taking a Q-tip & dipping it into any flavor (the small bottles of vanilla, rum or almond flavor,etc). Its has alcohol (the drinking kind) in it. Or, you can put the Q-tip in some alcohol (whisky,brand,etc) and put it on your teeth. It does relieve the pain.

I have peridontal disease & all the teeth in my mouth were hurting. My jaw bone has shrunken & you can see the root of several of my teeth. So, I was in some serious pain. I have some calcium capsules that I started taking. The evening when I was having teeth pain, I opened one of the calcium capsule & spread the liguid calcium all over my teeth . I let it stay there. That morning I brushed my teeth with the sensodyne toothpaste (you can use any sensitive toothpaste).

I know this is not a permanent fix, but the pain is 'gone'.

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In my blog are free dental clinics for all states

good luck

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I had the same problem.  I don't have a solution as to how to get dental work done that is affordable however, I do have a temporary solution for the pain.  Take a Q-tip and dip it in to ordinary household clorox bleach.  Make it so it is not dripping but be sure it is wet.  Take the Q-tip and place it on the area that hurts and exert mild pressure.  Your pain should go away immediately.  I know it sounds crazy but it works!  Someone told me about it and I suffered for three days before I finally tried it ..... and the relief was immediate! I would rather be in labor than have a pain like that again. 

As for the other....go to the medical clinic and get a prescription for will need to get rid of the infection before the tooth can be pulled and that will get rid of the pain.  Then you can focus on getting dental care.  If you can't go to the doctor then go to the emergency room of the local hospital.  All public hospitals have to take you whether or not you have insurance.  They also have a charity program you can apply for to take care of the bill if you have no insurance.  When you get to the emergency room ask to see the social worker.  She can give you an application.  If you can't see her....go to the accounting office during the day and they can give you the application.

Good Luck...and...Try it I promise you it works!

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